Need advice on exercise

Hi everyone
I wish to increase my grip strength and forearm strength
I know pull ups will do wonders for this purpose but I need something easy
Something that can be done without any big gym equipment.


Push-ups, boxing, dog posture

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Take a 1 lb plate and tie rope to it and a stick on other end
Then using both hands wind up the weight and you will achieve it

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You get search for body weight forearm workouts on YouTube, there’s plenty of good body weight exercises for strengthening your forearms, if you can buys dumbbells that’s even better


I’m sorry to say but push up and dog posture don’t work for me
push ups are excellent for triceps tho

I’m planning to do that
I don’t know why I feel so weak
I need a stronger body
I was moving some rice sacks the other day and my forearms felt so weak. Such a disappointment

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Yeah bro get dumbbells, I used to feel the same, and now household lifting feels quite easy

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