Need advice on college... And how I can get better?

After 25 Days… I finally relapsed. I guess college finally got to me :frowning:

College has been a challenge, discovering more about my life than any moment I have ever thought I would. I really would like advice on how can manage no fap at school, especially with all the stresses of it. I think I need to start working out and fixing up my life, but I don’t know. I don’t want to relapse again… I feel horrible. I think if I had a good routine that pushed me and helped me I think I would do good.
But for all those college goers what do you recommend?

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i don’t know how you started getting involved with porn ,but if you can find any shameful events from your past and reveal it to a group in person then nothing can hold your willpower back to end this addiction. very cringe and hard to do ,but your unconsciously punishing yourself.
I have done four 90 day reboots because my shame doesn’t have power over me.

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I recommend filling your time with alternatives. Working out is a great example and is beneficial in a number of ways. If that is a really nice idea but a bit more than you can realistically handle right now, there are definitely other options. One nice thing about College is the numbers of activities that encourage being social. For many of us, this can be daunting depending on how introverted or socially awkward you may perceive yourself to be. Push yourself a bit and find opportunities to get involved in activities with others. It is stimulating in a healthy way, gets you out of your head, and gives you a better perspective on what life looks like outside of your addiction. Someone once said that the people we choose to spend our time with have the ability to influence us, good or bad. Choose to spend your time with the kind of people you want to become. It may not be comfortable and it may actually cause discomfort depending on how far outside your comfort zone you go. That’s okay as long as it is a healthy activity and does not cause negative things like major prolonged anxiety or depression. Surrounding ourselves with the things and people that can help us grow and inspire us is important. Anyway, those are my thoughts. I hope that is helpful and wish you the best on your journey. Be well. Stay strong. :heart:

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