Need advice guys

What should we do immediately after a relapse not to feel the guilt and that dizzy effect in our brain?

My advice is on being mindful of these effects - take note of how you feel very closely and make the connection, that PMO does this to you. If you manage to fight those effects off, I’d be very much afraid of treating PMO like drinking alcohol - do this and that, and the hangover won’t be bothering you.

That’s the best I have, at least I like to think like this for my own sake.

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Simple, stop relapsing :smile:


1)Wash properly that area… Take a cold showers
2) then go to outside and meet with friends
3) that day try to take good food ,don’t take junk food.
4) write on your note why it happened.


In winter cold shower?

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Well well well. If u stop feeling that guilt , you would stop coming here, just saying :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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