Need advice about on nofap

I have heard that if we set our minds for nofap for 120 days there is a greater chance of relapse but if we set small goals like four 7 days its easier to continue your streak. I just wanna know that can one masturbate after the time period is over??


Lol that would be most foolish person who reached 120 days and fapped . Just t keep moving after that … U want to quit masturbation or just want to prevent it for few months and then again start ?

This nofap is not a challenge that after completing a target u do PMO . It’s a lifestyle.


Of course you can masturbate, it’s your choice.
NoFap, as I see it is a lifestyle choice, like @Dean_Ambrose not a fad, challenge or hobby.

I have an addictive personality, so nopmo is very suitable for me.

For me, x amount of days is not important

Pmo benefits for me;
Relaxation = 0%
Happiness = 0%
Love/relationships = 0%
Peace = 0%

I’d be a fool to pmo and a fool believe I need to fight it.

Pmo never brings happiness or good things to my life.

Why are you on NoFap @syed_azhar?


Wise words! Everyone is on here for their own personal reasons, as long as it’s benefitting you and your goals you’re on the right track.

I’m on nofap cause I can be more productive as since the lockdown started I have seen myself much attracted towards girls whenever i see one i just think about sex and this shit is ruining my day and night…