Need Accountability Partner/s

I know it’s common that people relapse; but next time we should try harder than last time.

But somewhat my mind is hardwired, I tried to change a lot… Since Sept 17th 2020(DOJ), but coming back to zero someday…

In the very beginning I never able to pass a single day without relapse. It’s like daily habit for me.
(When and where I relapse I can disclose to only my Accoutability partner.)
First 5days when passed clean days, its very special days… Never thought I could do it this much ever.
But when I again fall into chaser effect(thanks for companions who shared what exactly it is; I was unaware of that) I keep on falling/relapsing again and again, somewhat loosing hope every single time to get better.
But y’day when I have completed 7days it’s not that special as much I thought I could achieve…
I am unsatisfied… I felt something is missing.
I feel sad… Everything seems worse, even if I talk to someone I feel hurtful. I became so sensitive. Don’t know how to handle my emotions…

It would be helpful if I can find one serious Accountability Partner, who keep an eye on me or I will keep him updated(if I will relapse or feel any uncontrollable circumstances);

Before joining this forum once very log time ago I passed 21days, I was completely different person… Now it’s just opposite. I wanna become better person than what I could Become

Is anyone wanna become my Accountability Partner?

19M india
Current streak - 2 days
Highest streak - 25 days

Code- p65wkb


Hey @kedaNath001234
Happy to hear from you that you wanna help me.
But I need serious accountability partner who can help me to get through this phase of relapsing.
Kindly think are you really serious about this Nofap? .
If yes then let’s do it together…

C.S- 1day
H. S(inside forum) - 7days;
outside forum(b4 joining)- 21days

Code- gr605r

@Adidas2201, yes bro i am serious.we both can do it. Bro i am unable to add you it is showing that u’r code is invalid. Bro before coming to this app i have completed 3 time 30 days streak, i will try my best to help you.

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