Need accountability partner bad

Hello, I am seriously struggling with porn and maturation. I am. Looking for someone that I can use almost like a sponsor for AA. I have this app on my phone that tells the person I choose everything that could be considered porn, I just need someone that will help. If you’re interested at all I’d love to hear from you!


Not sure 100% what you need, but I’ll help as much as I can.

Although in fairness, I’m only on day 5

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On day 1,if your looking for a wats app partner then lmk

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Post your mobile no. In faspstronauts group in FORUM. will really help you…the group is going to open after a week

Bro u can block porn o ur phone it’s working great for me

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How to block…

I hear your pain bro we are in this together

Go to the play stores and search " no porn " the first app the comes up , download when ir Ask you for email just skip ir it Asks you for a code then you for the right app , now you need someone you can trust to enter a code si you won’t ve able to Enter the app or unistall the app with out once the code, he puesto un the code , actives the unistall app si you won’t ve able to unistalle it with out the code , ando done with out the code u can’t unistalle ir Enter porn aires

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This is my code … i will try helping you
Stay strong :muscle:

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Still wanna be AP? Would be down

Aye man, get detoxify and blocksite in google play store. Look up Gabe Dawg and others on Youtube. Keep pushing, man. You are stronger than your sex drive. You gon’ make it

What do you talk about?

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