Need a smart Suggestion and advice

I know I had to put this question before relapse, I totally agree. I accept my sin.

Situation - my entrance are near and my nofap journey is leading me to not focus easily I don’t know why… I feel sudden urges in afternoon and I can’t study at night because of these urges because I would relaps…I don’t want to mention again that I relapsed…but still I need advice.

A little help is enough for me. I am willing to take actions bruh, I am not a sympathy seeker

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Stay among people in the afternoons, change ur daily routine of afternoon sessions and dont stay up till late night…fix a time to switch off or hand over ur phone…ask ur fam to ensure u do it daily…

Ull see a great impact if u follow these sincerely…


I feel I’m becoming a preacher, but heck, this one helped me and helps a lot - there is this hackbook called EasyPeasy way out of porn (or something similar) available online. The mindset it got me into just changed my whole approach and basically there is no struggle, more like a smile every time I recall I’m on this journey. Even if the urges come, I have the mindset from the book and it gets further on my way!

p.s. here’s the link


Thanks a lot @ysub and @someBody13

I will read this book after entrance, I know this is a very nice book! Thanks for the suggestion. And yes you are a preacher of goodness for me :innocent:

For afternoons, I will just go out to meet my friend for an hour, but this can’t be done for long. I should make a routine to go to temple in afternoon like iskcon.

For nights, I will just sleep early from tomorrow!
Not today because I will take every ounce of benefit from this relapse cause I will not have the urge now in night for today at least. So will try to complete everything :innocent:


@Purity11, one more thing I can recommend you - it’s not really an advice, but rather a way of spending your time on something different. Have you ever wanted to learn a language?

Take me, for instance. If I have free time, I try to spend it learning Japanese grammar or to program on a decent, modern level. These are just two possibilities, and resources to do them are infinite - maybe find something like this and just go for it? :wink:


All the best for your entrance examinations :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I have plans -
To write a book on humans.
To learn full stack
And also start my own youtube channel.

Though saying makes up to nothing if I don’t start after my entrance. So this time, I won’t care about the the circumstances. :innocent:


Thanks a lot brother! :innocent::fire:


@Purity11 Are you writing jee mains?


No Just a university entrance for UG course. :slightly_smiling_face:


Try to sleep ASAP, and wake up early that will help you brother. Night urges are the worst, analyze at what time you face those urges and sleep on time.

Brother that will ruin your performance, if you are serious to crack that entrance exams, just kick on the di*k of the demon .

If this can’t satisfy you even after doing it thousands of time, then how can this satisfy you, by doing it one more time.

All the best brother time to rock :metal:


Maybe it would be good to analise the situation when the urges occur. Maybe there is a basic trigger that brings it back or maybe there would be anything you can do to avoid the power of the urges. For example:

  • Let’s pretend the urges only comes when you are alone at home. So try avoid staying at home when you are alone…

I wish you the best guys… Leaving this forum permanently… Good luck on your journey


My phone was reset so I had to backup everything again so was engaged

@PowerfulNFPWarrior i know I should sleep early! And wake up early. I will after my entrance.

@MarkMarte there is no particular reason for urges, it’s the road that was taken for so long which created the path for the urge to come automatically. The thing which I can do is just flee away from that urge by choosing the road not taken yet.

@JonSnow001 i agree. But the urge adds up to the distraction which is already there. I know it’s kind of an excuse sorry. But I am trying my best from now.

Won’t feed the urge ever again


Study from a YouTube video!! Choose a one hour video

You are only allowed to take a 5 min break after 30 mins

This way out of 70 mins you would have studied for 60 mins which is pretty cool best of luck!!


I had studied from youtube videos alot. But This isn’t a choice for me presently. I have to study from notes as I have just one day left. Thanks for the suggestion bro.:handshake::100:

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Oh i see then best of luck!:cherry_blossom::ok_man:t2:

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