Need a reboot pal


Sharing code - 21074f

Current streak - 3 days
Highest streak - 8 days
Age - 19
Gender - M

Why I want a companion - The NoFap journey requires a lot of grit and determination. Sometimes it gets really difficult facing it alone. I’m simply looking for people to join me on this journey and hopefully aid me in breaking the double digit barrier as my highest streak.

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Add me: 1bc9a1. We can succeed :slight_smile:

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Added! Thank you so much :smile: , we will surely succeed.


Me adicione lá por favor código ed17df

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Sharing code…-3334c6


I’m here with you, brother.
Current streak : 3 Days
Highest streak: 31 days.
Age: 18

Here’s my code: fcc48b

May we be of help to each other! :slight_smile:

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Hi guys! Inviting you to join our Alpha Family accountability group. You cab use this link to check it out:

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