Need a partner who can help me in challenges

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Current streak - 0 days
Highest streak - 3 days 23hrs
Age - 19
Gender - M
Location - India

Why I want a companion - I need to participate in monthly challenges but I dont know how to do it in most cases. Is there anyone who can help me

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Same here, I have no idea


You both can join challenges at the Starting of months in most cases. Just mention the admin and ask them to add you. I think so, it’s the case.

After that you just need to tell your daily weekly and monthly progress in most cases by just replying on the topic.

If any query, you can simply personally message the admin by clicking on his profile where you will get the option to message them. All are friendly here don’t worry.

Read the rules of each challenge because if you win you will get points. All the best bro these challenges are one of the best you can get to motivate yourself, saying by my personal experience though I am new.


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