Need a partner asap

I have been doing this for 4 months now but have lost the motivation I had at the start, I’m almost doing pmo daily now. Need a good partner with whom I can talk everyday and help each other out of this addiction.


I am ready to be your partner… Whats your sharing code ?

My sharing code-fybmr2, and I was hoping to get in touch through whatsapp or something, someplace where we could talk.

No whats app … only on this app… you can find my sharing code on my profile.

I can be your partner bro.

We can keep in touch also…

If you are interested…

How do you reckon we communicate? Telegram?

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I’m on Telegram, name is Michael1216. I’ll help as much as I can and available almost all hours of the day.

It seems I can’t message you, (as you are not a mutual friend). Do you know how to fix this?

What is your name on it? I’ll send you something

My telegram- Chirag2108

Ok, changed mine to MichaelB1216. So it should work now.

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Here is my code…
Both of you add me
Day 31
Highest streak is 71

Because I forgot, this is my share code

i can be ur companion…my sharing code t28phz…we can chat on.w.a too…23059115841.

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