Need a Friend / Companion to help each other in this Journey

I am new to this community, I need a companion / friend with whom I can grow in this path. Hope this community will support me.
My code- i98x2z


Hey dude @jyotirmoym welcome to the community.
I am here with the same reason. I think we should support each other and share which could help to stay safe from this PMO habit.

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I found this app 2 days ago so i am new here too and all the pubil here are your brothers and want to help and we are all here to support and motivate each other


My sharing code 43lugl

Hey bro, we are on the same page i guess. We should help each other, and i really think work as a group will certainly help us to gain our goal.


Hey @jyotirmoym are you alright? I saw your counter in red color. That means you relapsed recently.

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Hey man, Hope you are doing well! It’s 7 years addiction, won’t go this fast. Tried much but still relapsed today after 3 days, Trying to make the streak longer. Stay strong, let’s help each other.


Here is My code-uv0i08

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Hey Caan,

I’m on the hunt for a companion myself. Mind if we chat? My code is s4omwu


I am finding a companion myself too. I am new to this forum page and I don’t know how the functions work. But I want a companion and start a challenge of atleast 50 days.

Am i in here?

Hi even I am new here. Can anyone add me in too?I would like a companion to get a long streak. My sharing code 6kz5yp.
Thanks in advance.

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Can i join here?..

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