Need a friend around 15 years who will truly help me to complete my journey ( Help me please)

Sharing code - crjdyw

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Age - 15
Gender - M
Location - India

Why I want a companion - who will help me to complete my journey. I am too depressed about my life and my situations. A partner with whom I can share my feelings. Help me out my companions


Hi , You can add me .

Age - 16
My code is 87s8mw

14 here. Im new here and I dont know what my code is. I’ll help you if you help me.

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Tap on companion button then tap on the three dots then tap on my sharing code

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thanks pal. wish you luck on the road ahead.

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here is my code: rtyit5

I am 17 , i need a friend whom i can share my thoughts, emotions.

Aditya , i am from Kolkata, would you like to be my friend???

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If you want I can be ur friend:3

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Yes sure I will love to be your friend

gnob5m is my code we can go through this together

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