Need a companion.. :-)

Hi, I’m looking for a companion.

Sharing code - vvmh9j

Current streak - 1 day
Highest streak - 11 months
Age - 21
Gender - M
Location - Asia

Why I want a companion

I need a companion who is active in the app, so that we can keep track of each other. I use the app daily. So I’ll be here for you every day, any day.


Yo! Add me . I’m from asia too

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i want to be your companion

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Can i be ur companion ?

I don’t mean to be rude or anything but your choice of username _____.
Sorry I can’t read this everytime I visit my companions tab in the app. Nothing personal. It’s depressing.

We are here to overcome our PMO addiction. We are over here struggling with relapse and guilt after it. And it’s depressing prospect to read your username. I’m so sorry. If I hurt your feelings. I have nothing against you but I just HATE anything that come close to the word fap. Thank you for understanding.

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Yeah, like what the ‘flip’ is that?
Crazy username :sweat_smile: no need to get worked up over it though

Yeah…i’ve been thinking about changing my username though

Heyyyyy, can i still be your companion ? Just changed my name from “iluv***007” to “MasterYi308”. And i’m really sorry if my previous username bother you :smile:

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It’s okay, not your fault bro. I was just frustrated with myself and the never ending cycle of relapses. It’s day 3 and dopamine level is a bit low. In a sense the username kind of reminded me of something messed up. Deep down I love PMO, even if the pleasure is just for a moment or two. It’s almost like a drug. I know it ain’t good for me physically, mentally and spiritually but sometimes I can’t control myself. It’s like an escape from the real world but just a pseudo one.

But one day or the other I must, will overcome this addiction.
It’s day 3 and this time around I’m aiming for 90 day reboot.
It’s time I rewire myself!


Good luck :wink: hope you can archive it

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I’m on day 0 of no fap… I also need a companion who’s active on this so that we can achieve our goals together.
Sharing code i79vc3

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Hey add me and i will add you

Witam. Czy jest ktos z Polski?

@goku11 add me I’m active on the app and have just completed my 24 hours

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