Need a companion who is studying

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I want someone who is appearing for competitive exams.we can support each other and prevent procrastination.we will update ourselves about no of hours case someone is not able to do study we will help and motivate him to study.


Hey fracture, I’m a student too, this sounds good, every bit of motivation helps!

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It’s good buddy i have added can add me too.i am targeting about 8 to 10 hrs of study max was 6 hrs.currently i am not able to go beyond 1 hr because of brain fog.but now i think it is better to work rather than waiting for withdrawals to always happens to me whenever I abstain myself then i lose focus for about 4 to 5 days but this time it’s been 20 days…

I think I should start studying rather than waiting for brain fog to fade away…

Yes power through! I went through the same thing last year. I would highly recommend guided meditations for focus and productivity around 3 times a day. I used to be skeptical about meditation but it worked wonders for me! In fact you’ve just promoted me to restart. I managed to get up to 12-14 hours a day for 2 months last year for a pretty tough exam. Eating a high choline food works well for my focus as well.

I’m currently doing 2 hours of study around a busy schedule but want to get up to 4 hours on busy days and 10 hours on days off.


Ok i am in as well. From this day i will tell u guys

do we have to mention classes and lectures as well?

Ok so you try to hit 4 hrs and i will go for 10 hrs.
Bro we will update daily no of hours studied.
We can compete with each other. As long as we remain busy it’s good for us…
Thanks for suggesting me guided meditation.

It’s up to you can tell us anything related to your studies…but the most important is you have to keep a track record of your productivity…so you have to tell no of hours studied…what was your daily target and how much you could achieve…

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I want to join i think this can help me with I my studies
i am a student too from india
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studied 2 hours today (with good enough concentration. Because i was on desk for approx 4h but roughly i studied for 2 only)

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People, we already have a study challenge on the forum.
You all the welcome to join


but it said it’s closed can we still join?

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But it also says in next line you can join from 1st March :sweat_smile:.
You can read the 2nd post for details. It’s a monthly challenge

If you want you can still start posting your study hours there for accountability but you’ll officially be a member March 1 onwards


Ok brother thanks for that i will wait for other members (who engaged on this thread) response

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Hello I want to join too.
I really need motivation to study and get things done.

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Wish there was some sort of group outside this, sometimes I find it hard to navigate in here.

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i really want to join if possible. i am a student from iran🇮🇷

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Sounds great guys, I’m happy to keep the ball rolling on here!

Goal- 6 hours

Time spent studying - 4 hours

Areas for improvement: Ability to focus

Action to improve: Leave phone in different room/ bag

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how are you doing guys? was this thread helpful to you guys?

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