Need A companion who has masturbated today or has streak less than 1 day so that I can embark on this journey with a partner

Sharing code - 648bdd *

Current streak -2 hours *
Highest streak -6 days 22 he 30 min *
Age - 20
Gender - M
Location - US

Sharing code 54ec59
Current streak 1 days 6 hours
Highest streak same
Location India

@afazalalam123 Added you !

I’m at 1 day 12 hours

Added you man !!!
Let’s fight together

Sharing code - cb1499

Current streak - 5hours
Highest streak - 8 days
Age - 17
Gender - M
Location - US

Hi Guys
I have added all of you.
Greeting from HK
Just started for like 10 mins, lets fight together

Give your sharing code man !!

Relapsed 2 time really need to try out the partner thingy hope it works

Hi @gunsblazing @afazalalam123 check your inbox

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What’s your sharing code?

@gunsblazing Give me your sharing code !!

Hey i clicked on the link but it gives me an error is there any other way ?

a4e4de my sharing code feel free to add!

Yup ! Added you bro !!!

I’m 14 hours in relapsed last night. My code is 95c07c this time I will not give in.

That’s the spirit man !
Don’t give up.
Adding you !!

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