Need a companion - urgent

It’s my first day. Someone wants to do it with me.please join

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Why I want a companion - to motivate each other


Hii @mohit000123 bhai I’m ready to be your companion :slight_smile:

My sharing code is 2b3e8f7
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Hi, feel free to add me: 1vu2nj . I’ve added you. :slight_smile:

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It,s my first day too. We can do together.

Let’s make a WhatsApp group if you all are okay with it.

Hey! I’ll be glad to follow you and vise versa. Let me tell you, it’s been a 3 year journey for me. Thankfully I’m confident I’m close to considered quit for good.

Remember, you have to stay productive vs just sitting around waiting for your counter to go up.

The forums has some awesome challenges you can join. From the looks of it, the 90 day challenge is probably too overwhelming. Instead, I’d recommend “The mini challenge”. It’s where you set a small challenge or few for a minimum of 7 days.

Some people are doing morning rituals as their mini challenge, myself included. It should be something productive to channel your energy.

Peace, Love, Happiness & Respect brother!

My sharing code for anyone who wants to fight this together: y6icl2

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