Need A Companion, So together we can fight this addiction

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Age - 21
Gender - M
Location - US

Why I want a companion - I am addicted to mastrubation and porn for 4 years
and I utilised 5 years to know that i am addicted
I try every possible option to remove this addiction
and this is my another platform
I come to this platform because here i can share my addiction problem to those who can understand
Because i am not able to share this problem
please add me
i really need this


Current:- day 4
Highest:- day 66
When I reach day 90, I want you by my side. Let’s walk this journey together bro.


Hi there

Original poster it says your code is invalid.

Age 35
Gender male
Country Canada

My sharing code is 706cd8

I have been at thia for a year with many failures along the way. My record so far is 48 days.

Keep fighting guys.

How you have control so far?
Within 3 days , start getting urges.
I want someway to control
please exclude meditation option

How to get sharing code?
I am new to this app

Go to home then my companions and press the button in the bottom right.

I deleted all porn and i get up immediately from the computer if urges come. The more you can puah yourself the longer you will be able to go next time. It takes time. Sadly it’s a process but i believe in an escape. A way out.

For 1 year i started this journey… I’m not further along when I started, but i won’t give up.
Add me all

Today I have an argument
My mood is off
I am constantly thinking about watching porn
So, I can forget about argument
I need a way to handle this?

Add me bro…

My code is -daaf29

I’m from India

Age -26

Let’s do this…let’s win this…


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Watching porn, and masturbating to it will only make you forget about the argument for a brief period of time. After relapse, you will feel more depressed about it.

See man, if you are feeling down, watch a funny video in YouTube. Or watch a movie. Or play computer game… and change your mood.

Porn simply gives you pleasure for a limited time. It simply doesn’t help.

I am Indian.
Messege me on WP +1(3159403277).
Your streak is good we help you.

Sharing code: 6auct3
Age: 19
Goal: 1 year

Hey guys.
Today’s my first day. I am motivated and full of energy. I have set my counter and ready to fight.
Let’s do it.
We will rise from the Ashes

Best wishes all of you


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