Need a companion, let's win this war together!

I think I will have a higher chance of success if I know that someone is watching my progress, the same should apply for everyone. So here is my sharing code 1vu2nj, please someone add me and let’s conquer the world together!

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My sharing code - m6a0w0
I am agree with you…

My sharing code.
Added you bro.

I’ve added you both. Whenever you are going to relapse remember that I’m watching you!


how to find sharing code?

Go to Companion tab in application
There you find button right side corner🔵 (press that)
There you will find My sharing code…
Copy & paste wherever you want to Share…

If you’ve more doubt ping me…
Happy to help you…:blush: @devansh4

Help others and you’ll get help in return

(this applies in real life too)

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yes yes found it.
thank you very much bro.

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I have added you, here is my Sharing code i2l49t

I’ve added you, let’s do this together!

5wzef7 added u brother


Add me too brother let all our hands bring up the divinity within us so that our aim is succeded plz add me to u r frnd bar

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What’s your companion ID?

current streak =10 days
code = jb4y4m

jln52c this is :heart: its my code brother lets help out each other

Added you and @alexcoz600 also. :slight_smile:

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