Need a companion I'm new to this

hello guys i want a frnd i always tried not to fap but did it atlast i can hold it upto 2-3 days easily but then thought of that i am holding draws my focus more towards it…if I’m busy or concentrating on something else it’s easy for me to hold it but once i get reminded it’s hard and eventually i jerkoff…

Sharing code - 2df3gs *

Current streak - 0 days
Highest streak - 7 days
Age - 23
Gender - M
Location - US

Why I want a companion - *


Hello brother and welcome to the community .
Your sharing code is showing invalid ,you can add me ,my code is ve1hew. You already now how it works , the more you think about nofap the more you get triggered by urges. Try to break your highest streak this time. Write down somewhere you won’t act upon your urges, don’t go on default mode, you are in charge.
I am on day 2, let’s do this :facepunch:

Hello Tuku, i’ve added you on my companion list…
you may add-back me if you want to know my progress :grin:

or, any wirecompanion users can add me too, here’s my code l6d6vd

Welcome to the community.

We are doing a 90 day no fap challenge. You can join us on below link:

Join me @richierich
My sharing code

We will beat pmo

I’m also new to this I just started 4 days ago wanna companion if you are interested ping me

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Will you be my companion

@ssr95 yes I want to be your vompanion

Yooo… I can be your companion🙋🙋

Yoo I can be your companion too🙋

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k8jdn8 follow me that we can start it together

k8jdn8 join me for taking challenge with me

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