Need a companion for motivation

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I need a companion, for accountability and motivating each other

Join this group may be you’ll find what you’re looking for.

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Thanx a lot bro. We need a big change bro . For that I think we shud take it as a challenge for ourselves .you and I shud challenge our own self and each other too. what do you think. Let’s try to compete with each other .you and me. What do you think .like this we woukd know we don’t need to relapse bcoz this would make you lose

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If you are ready my friend . I challenge you for 3 days . Let’s see who wins. :sunglasses:

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I agree :+1: @Ani2031
Let’s do it for 7days.
I’ve already seen that I am capable to reach 4days (let’s push our limits)

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Great then bro . We can start then . Challenge has begun already ? Well we have posted these messages on that page also so both ways we can take it as a challenge personally and as an announcement too


@Adidas2201 I wish you best of luck my friend

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My sharing code is: r55lvf

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