Need a companion for complete reboot(90 days)

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Age - 23
Gender - M
Location - IN

Why I want a companion -
I have been PMOing from last 9 years. Once I fapped regularly for 2 years straight and it became a habit. I started fapping just to cope with stress but it turned me into an addict I just kept wanting more. I didn’t even realise that I was an addict I thought everybody’s doing it until last year when I found about nofap community. Since then I was having small streaks like 4 days 6 days but this year due to the lock down and shit the old habit came back. So I want to go 90 days without PMO to recover my dopamine receptors and lead a wonderful life. I never past 20 days alone that’s the max I went. The problem with me is that I lost motivation after sometime and begin to edge which in most cases ends up in relapse. So I need a companion who can accompany me in tough times and we can keep each other motivated.
If we can connect on social media like WhatsApp or telegram it would be great.


I’m in
My highest streak is going on now
21 days and counting

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What’s your sharing code?

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Hi… My code is bpdjqw

Current streak - 15 days
Highest Streak - 120 days

Relapsed during lockdown… Ever since can’t get back on track…


Added you let’s get to 90 days man
I’m ready
We’re gonna make it


Count me in
My code : mymcsp
Highest streak = Current streak = 32 days

Follow me i’ll follow you back

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