Need a companion for 31 days

Today is my first day. Need a companion
Age 19
Day 0
Add me 0dgio3

Add me brother @notgonnajerknow

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Current streak - 6 Day
Highest streak - 29 Days


Hii I’m on 90 days streak…
Today is my 10th day…
U can Add me dear as companion dear😊
Sharing code - pisy34


Bro help me. I am not able to quit. Tell any tips or tricks. Please

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Relax buddy @notgonnajerknow just take a few deep breaths, i tell you some things

  1. Tell yourself that “I can do this”.(Believe that you can)
  2. Identify your triggers (like alone in home, at night etc)
  3. Make a plan to deal with your triggers.
  4. Don’t react on the urges, just go in the forum and read some motivational post.
  5. Most important is to find out the reasons that why are you doing nofap (this is most important)
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@notgonnajerknow you may do meditation or Workout or just morning walk. I personally go for morning walk daily, it really helps me to stay on the track.

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