Need a co-fighter [I'm 35+, married]

Please be my companion on the PMO battlefield.
In porn-chains since 2008 year. Married, alas in sexless relationship

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Age - 36
Gender - M
Location - UA (Eastern Europe)

Why I want a companion - to obtain better future for my 4 kids while I still can, to find myself (really me, not a slave!) and to maybe restore my relationship with wife


Dude, if you don’t need the computer to work, delete it or sell it, also your smartphone, laptop, tablet, etc. and buy a new non-smartphone to communicate by messages and calls with your friends.

Other point that may help, without taking into account the first point, it is that there are a lot of groups where you can join and tell us your feelings, and it would be great that you started a public diary where you could write everything you do.


Hey man, I’m only 19 so I can’t understand a lot of the stress you’re going through, but I can definitely try to encourage you and try to improve myself along side you.
We all want you to get better because we all understand the pain of the addiction that PMO is. Feel free to follow me (day 21 as of now) and please find other people to follow, talk to, share experiences and advice, and encourage as well. At the end of the day we all tried to get out of this shit on our own and it didn’t work, so we’re all in this shit hole together and may as well help each other out while we’re at it
Stay strong brother, good luck (always feel free to message me if you get the urge)


Not an option, as that’s how I earn money ie I must spend 9-14 hours a day (incl weekends) at laptop

Thank you for your kind words. Will follow you

I can see how this is an issue. I’m not sure how your relationship with your spouse is doing. But I recommend having her as your co partner. After all, she is your partner. Be open and honest.
Through time, you can over these things.
I also recommend reading this book when you have the time.

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Thanks. Will read it

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You can add me. My sharing code: o004hz


Just find some user on forum and chat with him. It will definitely make your addiction WEAK.

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Thanks a lot; writing DM

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