Nearly relapsed feeling guilty asf new streak?

So I’m on day 31 and im so happy first time i made it. I thought wow. I will never ever fap again and RL porn Litterly disgusts me and I got 0 urge to it but I have really big problems with Hentai or/and 3d animation models from games, series etc. So I watched a rule 34 animated vid for like 4 seconds. And also I searched up Ecchi pictures were a few of them were actually hentai i feel so bad i didn’t touched myself but still like. Pls don’t say i have to restart i really punishmed my head after that and I’m really willing to stop and never ever doing that again. Ofc…one day i might fail. I’m still young and have to wait till i can marry and have real sex. But I try my best until that day. Countet as relapse ? Yes or no ? What would you say. I mean i didn’t edged + cum. So…can i continue my streak ofc if for example it says at day idk 60 u get a strong reaction i add a few days more bc of my mistake then it would be like day 70 or so

It depends on your goal. Some people (including me) think it’s not relapse. As long as you don’t ejaculate. But, some people think it’s relapse as long as you intentionaly searching for porn (in your case is hentai).

IMO, even though it’s not relapse, you should steer away from edging or intentionaly searching for hentai/ecchi picture. It’s slippery slope.

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