My workmate told me a story

So while I was on a break at work, my workmate told me and these other 2 dudes about a guy who used to work here, before I started working at this place, he mentioned that there used to be this guy that would show up to late, and make up some excuses, he would always be lazy and sleep in a tractor, one week the boss was away for a whole week, and the worker decided to not show up at work, instead he spent the whole week having sex with random girls and was getting wasted at parties, while my poor workmate was left to do all the jobs by himself, my workmate then mentioned that he would be sitting in the tractor, and he would take the the tractor to the other side, or on random places of the farm, only to Jack off in it, my workmate said to me that worker would be in that tractor every day at work and would Jack off anywhere people would sometimes see him jacking off, all that worker would talk about is sexual things, he would tell the workmate that he whacked off, he would even ask my workmate personal disgusting questions, like did you fuck your girlfriend last night, my workmate wouldn’t answer because it was none of his business, my workmate mentioned that the guy was a bit of a sexual predator and I mentioned that he sounds like a heavy sex addict, there was also one time he stole my workmates antidepressants, anyway when he was jerking off, he couldn’t ejaculate and for hours he was away from work on the other side of the farm trying to Jack off, but because of the anti depressants he had trouble ejaculating. One day, the boss arrives to see how the worker and workmate were going at the chicken farm, the worker shows up late that day, but no one suspects a thing, the boss leaves, then the worker then leaves to go have sex with random girls, while hes gone the boss arrives at lunchtime and notices my workmate working by himself, and the worker not there, the worker is gone for most of the day until 4:30 pm in the afternoon when it’s nearly time to leave work for the day, he randomly shows up and then leaves again, as hes leaving, the boss arrives on the chicken farm again and sees the worker leaving in his ute, the boss then asks my workmate, what’s going on, my workmate tells the truth about what the worker has been doing this whole time to the boss, the next day, the boss gives the worker two options, either he he start working or leave, he decides to leave, he gets the vehicle taken off him as it’s owned by the company, following being sacked from the job, he says rumors about workmate which aren’t true, a few weeks later, I get offered a job and start working there, my work is 10X better than what the worker did, work on the chicken farm was alot quicker and my workmate was no longer working alone. My workmate doesn’t know I do nofap or know about it, but the fact that I’m doing nofap now shows that ill never turn out like that guy and im only going to get better the more I do nofap.


Don’t know if this is true :joy: but it was a really good story.


My workmate was talking to me about it today @prothekter_aden


Considering it’s been told by jar jar it might not be true and just for humor purpose but it’s quite possible that the story’s true


This is true, my workmate told me about it.

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