My vow of celibacy(Diary)

Hi, I have been practicing semen retention in and off for the past 3 years. My longest streak being 180 days, 2 years back. Unfortunately I relapsed and I’ve been stuck in a loop ever since. Some times I retain for 30, 20, or a week but unfortunately I have been relapsing. I have lost my will power I used to have 2 years back, now I feel empty and weak. I have just realised once again that if this continues I might get back to where I was before starting sr. I’d appreciate if you guys have any tips for me on semen retention. If you have any story to share with me, please go ahead. I will be completely honest to you guys about my progress. If you guys need a partner/a person you want to share about your progress, hey I am here for you too. Please pray for me to have the strength to uphold this vow I have taken. Thanks.


Try something you never tryied. If your method failed to you, try another thing. Be creative.


Thanks for the tip, I’ll give it a try for sure.

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Stop watching digital junk - social, news, games, YouTube, Netflix etc. It’s like junk food, slowly kills our mind.


Man, for a person who withstood urges for nearabout 180 days, a little could be said to him/her regarding anything. Still, I would say, remember what you did while you were having that huge streak and start doing it.

There are two most important points which everyone follows in order to have a high streak is

  1. You should not focus on no-fap, instead you could start doing something like working on your dreams, and your passion.

  2. Try to take 1 day at a time. It really does not matter what you were yesterday, if you waste today by doing nothing.


Thanks for the tip, I’ll try my best to follow it.

It doesn’t matter that once I had 180 days streak. Unfotunatley I have fallen back into this vicious cycle. One thing that i’ve learnt from this failure is, not to get cocky about ur progress and stay humble and vigilant at all times. Urges can get the best of even a seasoned bramhachari if he/she is not vigilant. Anyways thanks for your support, means a lot. I will for sure try to follow your advice. Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:


You are most welcome bro. Glad, I could be of help. :smiley:

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When I started practicing nofap I didn’t know about it. I didn’t know that there was a name and even if some people were doing that. I just started because I was tired of all of it and I started to seek things that were important for me. In the beginning everything was very good and alright, God was surely helping me, but after some time we stumble and go back to those bad habits. Until we became free, unfortunately we’re going to relapse and think a lot of lies about ourselves because our bad behavior. I guess the most important thing is not the addiction itself but how to deal with ourselves and with the fallen world where a lot of "trash’ might affect us. “Your eyes are a window for your body. When they are good, you have all the light you need. MT 6:22” May God help us with it, brother! All the best.


You are blessed that you were naturally drawn towards semen retention without knowing about it in the first place. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I will for sure try to stay strong. Thanks for your support bro.


It’s always great to not let a relapse tear you down. We always want to overcome it and so we try new things. I wouldn’t suggest though making a vow, because if you fail then it’ll be devastating. I’m not saying that you will fail, but a vow is unnecessary. Scripture states that our yes should be yes and our no, no. I think if you focus less on trying to overcome NoFap, you’ll just find better things to think about which help you realize a relapse is pointless.


I understand where you are coming from. But I’ve got no choice bro. I am completely willing to commit. I am right now in a do or die mindset. I am not being over confident here, although I’ll take ur advice seriously and try not to relapse with all my strength.

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Day 1: successfully completed day 1, no urges today, it was pretty easy, I have deleted all my games (am a pretty intense gamer) , deleted all my social media since it puts your brain in a foggy state. Did watch some tv, worked on some tracks that I am producing(I am a professional musician). Today was pretty easy. Read a lot of threads in the forums which helped and motivated me a lot. Hope this carries on tommorow as well. Thanks and all the best on your semen retention journey.

Day 2: successful day, did not relapse, didn’t get any urges. spent the whole day socializing with family as my state is in complete lock down, kept my mobile use to minimum, that too used it to read rewire companion forum for motivation. Hope y’all had a successful day. looking forward for the day all of us overcome . stay strong, stay healthy, all the best on your semen retention journey.

day 3: successful day, had some work earlier this morning so went out, came back home and watched some tv, took a nap and worked on some music track. had a little bit of triggers and a little bit of urge. no big deal, was able to divert it easily. overall the day was fine.

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day 4: successful day. by successful I mean I did not fap, did not get any urges. apart from that nothing much was accomplished. mostly the day went by watching TV, spent some time with my family, and checked rewire forum. I felt relaxed.

day 5: successful, no urges, did not use any social media, played some games, went out to my friends place for a few hours. Not an interesting day. But hey, atleast I didn’t fap.

day 6 : Mission successful, had an awesome day, kind of had a natural high through out the day. I felt completely at ease. Socialised with some family friends. Reaped some tender coconut from our coconut tree. Had some fresh home grown tender coconut. Composed some music. Had a great day over all . Although at night I had some strong urges, I managed to divert it by practicing some mindfullness for 10 mins. Hope y’all did well too. Don’t nut. See y’all.

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day 7: successful day, did not have any urge, but had some sexual thought. But I did not get a boner. Got myself back to my senses before I got a boner. phew, that was a close one. However, I am happy that I was able to dismiss those stupid thoughts. I have started to get more irritable. but, I do know it is part of the reboot as I have previously done a 180 day streak. still a lot of things to face in this journey. looking forward to it.

day 8: successful, Had a pretty good day. Today I have started working out. Building routines step by step. had worked on some music track. played some games. I’ve planned to workout four times a week. Today I started with abdomen region since I’ve been packing some mass around the region. felt great after working out. Funny thing is I don’t even feel tired. I can definitely feel the increase of energy even though it’s eighth day of my streak. Hopefully I keep doing the routine and get back in shape. Hope you all had a great day. Thank you.