My thoughts on weeds and semen retention


My Thoughts on Weed.

Weed like anything, its a tool. I have smoked before - long meditative walk in nature + spliff with friends? awesome, on occasion.

Smoking regularly dulls your REM sleep, clouds your mind, and gives you less drive. thats just a fact. like alcohol does.

Weed kills your edge.

If this observation angers you consider you might be egoically attached to the idea of weed.

If you regularly smoke you will decrease testosterone and likely lead to thinner hair and conditions like gynecomastia

could be inhaling pesticides and similar chemicals from it

There are medicinal uses, sure - the vast majority of people don’t use it that way

If you wanna use it, just know its a tradeoff, like all substances can be.

You have to be sure that you’re not smoking to cover up a dissatisfaction with your life

Never smoke if you have responsibilities to take care of.
Never smoke and watch tv and eat garbage.
Never smoke to get away from your problems.

Weed can increase creativity and unique thoughts that if applied properly can be useful.

Exercising while high can be an interesting experience and a positive use of it. increased mind muscle connection / get in the zone.

Music, food, nature all enhanced by it.

Ultimately Some people also respond well to it, some people get too anxious etc.

Varies person to person but use requires a very conscious and honest look at yourself to make sure it does not become a habit - and like with anything you should have breaks off it.



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