My Testamony of surprisingly fast success

I have been trying to quit PMO for years now, and I have become exceedingly serious about it for about year now. I couldn’t go more than 4 or 5 days without porn or masturbation. After a lot of intense work to quit, I got up to 7 to 10 days, but couldn’t seem to break in there. Then all of the sudden, I went on a 63 day streak out of nowhere. Unfortunately I fell, but got back up and I’m on day 40. So in 103 days, I’ve only relapsed once, when just prior to these 103 days I couldn’t go 7 days.

I know there are people of all different religions here, but I attribute the majority of my success to the blessed virgin Mary, the mother of Christ, the theotokos. At the start of my 63 day streak, I began to pray the rosary every single day no matter what. Once I started praying the rosary every day, my temptations went down in number and when I did have temptations, I had the strength to overcome them. Previously, I didn’t have enough strength to say no to 10, 15 or 20 urges a day. This success of mine was unthinkable as I could barely go a week without PMO, but then I only relapsed once in 103 days (and counting) once I started a daily rosary.

For catholics trying to quit, pray the daily rosary! You will either stop the rosary or you will stop PMO. For other Christian’s and those outside of the church, please look into the healing powers of Jesus and the amazing intercessory works of Mary.

God bless everyone and best of luck to everyone.


Agree with you bro. I’ve also been doing the rosary daily and the results has been amazing so far…

My first ever streak after downloading this app was 61 days (highest ever for years!!). After that, I became complacent and fell a few times. Thanks to the daily prayer and this community, I come back up to 33 days today.

With prayer devotion and a humble mind, I believe we can achieve great things we never thought possible…:pray:t2::blush:

God bless you too!



Here’s my sharing code, add me as a companion. Looking for brothers and sisters in the faith to fight with.

Praying to/ worshipping any god of any religion with all of your heart will help anyone bro, because its a form of meditation. Our ancestors knew the benefits of meditation and hence they discovered praying/ worshipping God as a means for the meditation for common men and the ignorants of future, like us. May God bless us all and hopefully we’ll be able to quit this addiction for the rest of our lives.


Thanks bro for the encouragement! Let’s be faithful and stay strong. We’re all fighting together against this persistent enemy. This only way to win is to be more persistent, and stay humble.

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Thanks bro for sharing the code.

My code: x19j2t

Feel free to follow and keep me accountable as well…:blush::muscle:t2: