My struggle for meaning

I need self confidence in myself . I have basically no self confidence and self love - I hate myself to the core . I want to love myself , I want to treat myself better , but I just can’t bring myself to care about me. It’s like everytime I look in a mirror, I feel like my reflection taunts me . It seems like everyone around me is enjoying , living life to the full - I also wanna do that - but how could I live better if I hate the very vessel that I possess. In my culture’s philosophy , it is said that the body is a tool through which one attains salvation , or happiness . I just want to be a better person , and not feel so shitty about myself . Where should I start?


Just read bhagwad gita… That’s the best thing I can do for you… If you’re an Indian… You should watch Sadhguru or HG amogh Lila prabhu’s content…


Yes you should read bhagwad gita or practice yoga with meditation. It will surely help you


Well not everyone has a easy or good life.

We all have our cut of shit in our lives. Look we are stuck in a meaningless habit and also only fantasize over fake or cartoon sex. Also seeing nofap as all you fucked up fixer. Being more productive and laying your life straight love your body exercise etc.

We all here wipe the shit out of our eyes at some point. Life just tend to kick it back.
I failed test and it felt shit and it kinda stopped my ‘perfect’ plan on being qualified and then start out a family.

The thing is stop comparing yourself to others and stop drowning yourself in doubts and in fears and hate yourself that can’t do stuff. Belive me I spent a week in bed just wanna die after I failed a stupid test and did this last part I just wanna stop my studies.

The thing is to love yourself you are going to accept who YOU are and celebrate who YOU are and what YOU can achieve. It has two KEY ingredients and it is to BELIEVE in yourself!

Second is EFFORT. If you put in effort into hating yourself you are going to hate yourself. If you just dream and comparing yourself to a guy who looks buff and do nothing you are not going to get anywhere.

To love yourself improve your image, change your hair style, clothes, workout eat healthy and you’ll feel good and love yourself for it. TELL YOURSELF THAT YOU LOVE YOU. See effort! Don’t compare you to others. It hinders your progress focus on you! As you know you the best and you are going to live with yourself till you die. Might make the best of it while you can.

Good luck and stay strong and awesome!


Hey man loving yourself is overrated in my opinion, what you really want to do is know yourself, and the best way to know yourself is through discipline and presence. Also through helping others, self reflection, gratitude to God if you believe or appreciation for the good in your life if you don’t I guess.

It’s much easier to appreciate who you are if you can accept the evil inside of you that intermingles fully with the good inside you. But it takes a long time to let that play out and won’t happen standing still either.

Above all, whatever voice or patter in your mind that is telling you that you hate yourself or your life is a very narrow view you’re capable of stepping back from and not taking so seriously if you let yourself see the bigger picture.

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