My story with sextortion and fear

I’ve got a big story and confession that I feel needs to get off of my chest. And I want everyone to be aware of my story and the dangers that can be avoided.

Last year, I went on vacation to get away for a little while. Everything went well until my urges came. Unfortunately, at that moment, I got a follow request on Instagram from a hot girl. My mind immediately knew it was probably a scammer, but my addiction wanted me to go through with it to “see what I could get.”

We talked for a bit, and they invite me to a video call, so I agree. On the call, I was so desperate to see this chick naked that they convinced me to show them my parts on camera. I was immediately backed into a corner.

Long story short, They threatened to show my family and friends the video if I didn’t pay up. I payed a forensics corporation nearly $6K to help me get out of this. I was fortunate that it worked.

I went home and had panic attacks for nearly 2 weeks. Doing nothing but freaking out in my house. I thought I would never do any PMO again because I knew it was what got me in that situation. However, I found myself doing it within 2 weeks once again out of stress and needing relaxation.

To this day, I have self esteem issues. I feel as if everyone has seen the video even though they haven’t. I just can’t seem to shake it, and it’s kept me from succeeding in my nofap journey.

My message to you, is that this proves you CANNOT scare yourself away from this addiction. I suffered probably the worst form of fear relating to it, and it still didn’t keep me away. I don’t have an answer on how to quit, but I do have an answer on how not to do it. I wish you all the best of luck. I had to get this off of my chest. It’s filled me with shame for too long now

Thank you for reading


Now past is gone buddy. You should focus on healthy lifestyle and on your goals. You still have time to make your life good and shame free.
All the Best for your future and give your best :maple_leaf:


This is so sad to hear that !
Really man you have suffered alot , May god give you strength and happiness in your life ahead. I wish that everyone could leave this addiction.


I wanna repeat the good old quote

“Past is history :memo:, Future is mystery :old_key:, All we have is this moment that’s why it’s called present :gift:


@Divyansh1234 @yashnofap01 thank you for those words, I try to remind myself that every day.

@deimos0101 that is indeed one of the best quotes. Thank you


This made my day. I hope yours as well. Don’t surrounder youself. Best time to come back is now or never. you are way powerful than you are feeling now. if nothing works challenge with me and if you fail that’s okay but improvement required and keep chanllenge with me again.

Thank you. I see you’re at the start of a streak like I am. I will take up that challenge once again. I’ll try to put my past behind. I have to treat this like my first try instead of going through my day thinking about my relapses

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Man I did relapse again. I had someone in another chat room tell me something very important. I need to start celebrating my small victories again. I’ve celebrated nothing I’ve done, but did everything to put myself down this past year. My new goal is to not be a pessimist

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Jesus, I’ve read some horror stories before but this is absolutely horrendous. I’m so sorry you had to go through this. I hope you are in a much better place and you keep trying to always better yourself.

Releapses are expected, the important thing is to always strive to overcome your addiction.

Thank you. I’ve definitely gotten better since the incident, but not nearly 100%. I still get triggers that bring me back to the feeling I had that week. My self esteem is at a slow return.

As for the relapses, I have to accept them and learn from them. Instead, I’ve been tearing myself apart with each one, going against any progress I could have made

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I totally understand you friend. This is an everyday struggle and we have to keep at it in order to beat this evil that plagues our lives.

I believe in you!

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