My story so far suggestion will be helpful

I have been tryin to do nofap for 1year and had little sucess with. My best streak was 23day year ago after that hardly 1/2 days been watching porn around 6 years; I never consider myself a gay/bi male not at least year ago never felt for any man/trans person. recently I got into shemale porn the problem was not up until I was fantasizing about getting fucked a trans women.

The most wired thing when I’m getting really horny I kinda want to put something in my ass. Taste my cum its really gross make shiver. when I get normal and think about it I really feel like shit and get depressed; it feels just like getting raped by own self god knows wtf I have became
Any suggestion and help will be much appricated


Compulsive porn users often describe escalation in their porn use that takes the form of greater time viewing or seeking out new genres of porn. New genres that induce shock, surprise, violation of expectations or even anxiety can function to increase sexual arousal, and in porn users whose response to stimuli is growing blunted due to overuse, this phenomenon is extremely common.Norman Doidge MD wrote about this in his book The Brain That Changes Itself:
The current porn epidemic gives a graphic demonstration that sexual tastes can be acquired. Pornography, delivered by high-speed Internet connections, satisfies every one of the prerequisites for neuroplastic change… When pornographers boast that they are pushing the envelope by introducing new, harder themes, what they don’t say is that they must, because their customers are building up a tolerance to the content.
Human sexuality is far more “condition-able” than experts realized. A 2016 study found that half of internet porn users had escalated to material they previously found “uninteresting or disgusting.”(Online sexual activities: An exploratory study of problematic and non-problematic usage patterns in a sample of men). An excerpt:
Forty-nine percent mentioned at least sometimes searching for sexual content or being involved in OSAs [porn] that were not previously interesting to them or that they considered disgusting.
This Belgian study also found problematic Internet porn use was associated with reduced erectile function and reduced overall sexual satisfaction. Yet problematic porn users experienced greater cravings (OSA’s = online sexual activity, which was porn for 99% of subjects). Interestingly, 20.3% of participants said that one motive for their porn use was “to maintain arousal with my partner.”
Several more studies, using various methods and assessments have reported Escalation (and Habituation) in Porn Users. For example, this 2017 study developed and tested a problematic porn use questionnaire that was modeled after substance addiction questionnaires The Development of the Problematic Pornography Consumption Scale (PPCS). Unlike previous porn addiction tests, this 18-item questionnaire assessed tolerance (escalation of use) and withdrawal, finding both, ending the debate over withdrawal & escalation in frequent porn users. Two questions it used to asses escalation of porn use:
I gradually watched more “extreme” porn, because the porn I watched before was less satisfying
I felt that I needed more and more porn in order to satisfy my needs
In addition, this 2016 study casts doubt on that assumption that sexual tastes are stable with respect to today’s (streaming) internet pornography (Sexually Explicit Media Use by Sexual Identity: A Comparative Analysis of Gay, Bisexual, and Heterosexual Men in the United States). Excerpt from this study:
The findings also indicated that many men viewed sexually explicit material (SEM) content inconsistent with their stated sexual identity. It was not uncommon for heterosexual-identified men to report viewing SEM containing male same-sex behavior (20.7%) and for gay-identified men to report viewing heterosexual behavior in SEM (55.0%).
This study, taken together with other studies on this page, debunks the meme that today’s porn users eventually “discover their true sexuality” by surfing tube sites, and then stick to only one genre of porn for the rest of time.

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I’m like 2 years late. I just discovered this App today.

But anyway, I feel you man. I got hooked to shemale porn since 2011, my freshman year in high school. I’ve been clean for 43 days now. What helped me so far was meditating on the negative effects porn can have on you. I meditate everyday about the negative impact. Plus, looking at testimonials on YouTube. I also stay busy