My story S3nsh1nSeeker

So I’ve been fapping really ever since I can remember. I have this memory from when I was incredibly little about two people having sexual intercourse in front of me. I don’t know if this is a real memory or not yet I remember it plain as day. I started by mimicking what I saw on stuffed animals. When I was about 8 I looked up nude pictures out of curiosity. I would then fap to those photos in secret. My family split up when I was 9 and my Dad and Stepmom decided we should move to Washington so she could be closer to her youngest daughter. I was living with my Dad full time and had moved with them. After six months of being in Washington during Spring Break of my Sophomore year in High School I decided it would be a good idea to touch my Step Sister in her genitaillia areas. So late that night I snuck into her room and fondled her under her clothes. She woke up and caught me in the act. The police were called but I was not arrested. My family thought it would be a good idea to move me away from the home to keep everyone safe. Mostly my Step mom and newborn brother. I stayed with an Aunt and Uncle in Virginia for the summer. The next fall moved to Utah and stayed at a theraputic group home. I was 17. I was to stay with my mom and step dad after but past history with my stepdad resurfaced as we had not gotten along. It blew up and for my Senior year of High School I was staying with my Stepmom’s sister and her family. Shortly after I had gotten back into porn and masturbating. I was caught a couple times and told I needed to move. So I moved out at 19 and am currently on my own. I managed to stay clean for 60 days! My longest streak since the group home. I relapsed because of stress. I had moved up into management in my job. That was about 2 months ago. Since then it seems I can’t go more than several hours without Fapping and viewing porn. It’s putting strain on my relationship with my girlfriend and I am struggling hard! I am hoping sharing my full story should help. I also could use support. Thanks everyone for reading my story. For any more details just ask I’ll be happy to share.

That’s so messed up. Don’t give up and win your life!