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Hello there. My name is Sid. I found this gem of an app recently. It is helping me out so much already.! And then I discovered I can maintain a journal too. So, this is my journey. It all started around 2009. I was introduced to porno via a DVD i found in my dad’s CD catalogue. It was an intense experience. Something that was taboo for me was now greeting very familiar. During that period, something bad happen in my life. I was a kid. I was not doing that well. But now I had this one thing with me to make my me forget everything. It was porn. By 2011, was watching it everyday. Fapping everyday about 3-4 times. The number only increased over the time. By 2013 I was completely addicted. Due to this, my spark (which is my enthusiasm, liveliness and health) was lost. I never knew there was such thing as porn addiction. It was until I told a friend of mine that I became aware of it. Still, I wasn’t doing anything about it. By 2015 it got worse. I was in depression. Had already committed suicide twice and completely isolated myself from friends and family. My daily routine was eat sleep and porn. After sometime I even got insomnia. I was not doing anything in my life. It was until 2016, with the help of the same friend, I took charge of my like. Since then till now, I have made steady progress. Now my mission is to reset my brain and get my spark back. And for that I am gonna be on nofap for 30 days initially. And I will increase my time period. I will be doing this on hard mode. I would be needing all of your support and I’ll support you likewise. You could add me, share your stories, leave some tips. I’ll be participating in challenges as well
This is my id: adbb71


Its my day 4 today. Last time I relapsed, I had completely drained my body. My crotch hurted and I couldn’t get it up. Today, my crotch feels relaxed and I can feel myself healing. I also had some involuntary erection in the morning. Had a really nice sleep last night too. Looks like a pretty good recovery.

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My alpha brother thank you for sharing your story! Update your diary regularly. May the gold in your body increase each day!

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We come from the same place dude i wish i never discovered that shit, but i am on the journey as well my goal is one year this year and then i will increase as i go on, i have one tip for you, you are the one in control of this get your strength back i get inspired when i see stories like this. My code is 01e5aa

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day 5: had an involuntary erection in the morning. nothing major or relapsing. I find my body to be very relaxed and light. although I don’t feel the energy I am looking for. Still, I know it will take a lot of time but I am already seeing progress. Today, I am even gonna aim to reduce my phone and laptop dependency and try to be aware of my surroundings and be in present state of mind.

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Man reading your intro really hit home with me , I hope that you’ll succeed in your journey and I’m here to support you all the way. :+1:


day 6: today I didn’t had any involuntary erections in the morning. I woke up relaxed, happy and full of energy. I had this exercise, that was to finish certain goals that will make me feel better. I was able to complete my morning routines quickly. went for an amazing walk. But till 12, I suddenly felt very hungry. had about four eggs 5 toast and 4 garlic breads with mayonnaise. After that I was so full I procrastinated for sometime on Instagram. The content over there broke my hardmode. Not that I didn’t saw anything past few days, I just, was able to ignore those. But today, unfortunately I got aroused. Didn’t technically pmoed (it was just some beautiful faces and cleavage) but I was aroused. Nevertheless, I overcame that. I slept again after that. It was great sleep. Felt refreshed after that. Now feeling hungry again. Will eat something and try to complete rest of my tasks.
P.s. could anyone tell why I feel so hungry and sleepy? Has it ever happened with Y’all?

day 7: mornings felt great. woke up in the morning. slept too much today through out the day. I actually had the sleep deep enough to have a vivid dream. overall. there is a progress.

day 8: today morning i kind of felt like i orgasmed. I made sure to check myself for any ejaculation. there wasn’t any. So I could say I didn’t had any nightfall. I feel my body is very relaxed. I sleep like hell. I don’t know why if anyone could give me any tips please do. my hunger isn’t much. I find myself focused and present minded. I could feel I have energy in my body. although I feel sleepy a lot, I feel rejuvenated when I wake up. Its very deep. I have started to get vivid dreams. Now I am gonna focus my energy and be as productive as possible.