My statics section {graph} is giving wrong information

@Taher_Alt @Taher in the statics section the graph is showing wrong information. It is showing 250 days on the graph whereas my best streak is only 44 days … and other information on the graph is also wrong …

i added admin. i think taher_alt is a less used account


Add a screenshot please

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Now it is fixed aromatically
Thank you

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@Taher, the new update with custom period for stats is awesome! I realized, though, that if I set the starting date, e.g., two years before my account was created, the graph will show a humongous two-year streak at the beginning. The other numbers are alright.

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Will look into it thanks!

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Plz anyone tell me how to use the graph… I am unable to understand it

Sometimes, the graph shows my first relapse to be in Jan 1970. I was not even on Earth at that time. :sweat_smile:


Haha…Your comment made me laugh… But I fixed that problem…