My Solitude Confessions

Next time, Supa hot husband! XD

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Starting New Year With New hope, Welcome 2021

I am starting from Scratch
Right Now I am at Day 0, Let’s Stretch this to Day 365 at the end of Year 2021



Hello to all

This Is Day 2 of my Journey
In this 2021, I am determined to do which I didn’t achieve in Life.
visualising my “Prana” energy Climbing to Upper Chakras whenever I got Urges, It helped me to shift my attention, It helped initially in 2020 when I achieved my highest ever recorded streak in my life, From April 2020 I forgot it completely and from where My addiction got stronger.

Now I am Back on Track

I sometimes want March 2020 back when I was in full control :pensive:

@rowdy_nik bro… what’s up itne dino baad


Mixed Day
But I am proud That today I defeated Evil time killer, During Browsing I mistakenly peeked through 18+ but I Bounced back, And Studied with focus

on pervious instances I Give up to my Urges and got Depressed, filled my mindspace with past and guilt . But today was different :sunglasses:


Good Morning guys

Back with New Energy and New Enthusiasm.
Postpone Short Term Pleasure :blush:



Check in
Day 1

One of the best days spent since I downloaded this App Although I failed to Qualify 2 competitive Exams of my career But Today I Implemented Right Steps in Right Direction

Perfect implemented Dopamine Detox Successfully :white_check_mark:
Felt More Focused throughout the Day :white_check_mark:
Started Day with Surya Pooja :white_check_mark:
Started Challenge with @JumpingBuddha for 21 days to make Habit loop
Studied More in Quantity and with Quality :white_check_mark:

Fine Day to End :blush:
One of the days when I look back and take pride in
Many more to come :sunglasses: