My softcore addiction

During the start of my addiction, after masterbating for the first time I started going on Instagram and tiktok, I started following models of all kinds I was binging on sexual images of models, I started to masterbate more and more to pics on Instagram and tiktok, it started to become a problem, because I realized I was wasting time, I uninstalled Instagram/Tiktok completely, but I was already hooked on masterbation and have been trying to quit PMO since then, whenever I’m relapsing I always end up back on Instagram, looking at models, but I’m trying really hard to stop ive stopped using social media, but whenever I relapse I always end up back there

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You know…as there is an addiction of PMO…there’s addiction of social media as well…

So a simple solution is stop Instagram…just don’t go there…

If you have Netflix, there’s a documentary “Social Dilemma”
Watch this documentary and you will understand…how social media traps you in a bubble of your desires…

It may help :+1:


What you can do is to unfollow every erotic account you’ve followed and follow good motivating ones, may be the ones who motivate to do no fap, create a positive environment in your insta, that might save you.
Since you’ve already quit social media so it isn’t a problem for you any more but doing this might save you from a relapse next time @anon44754080


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