My short story of reincarnation

I was 18 years old virgin (didn’t even kiss any girl). Had shitty life. I was shy because i hadn’t had my voice changed(yes 18 yo Imagine that pain) but i had strong beliefs. At summer brake decided to change my life, went to Ukraine alone (im Polish, it may be hard to understand polish-ukraine relations for those who are not from this region, but for many friends my trip was quite impresive). I decided to change my voice. Yes. I decided. Dont know how it usualy is, but in my case i had to strugle to get mt voice sound manly. I’ve been on NoFap since i started fapping, rether soft porn. I went to ukraine with araund 10 days strike. When I was back in poland, i became owfully self-confident ( voice soo deep, exited with recent trip, glad to have impresive NoFap strike) On first party i went on i’ve saduced really nice girl, and had a first kiss. Althought i have a lot of problems right now, never had strike longer than 30 days(or something araund)i have no more social anxiety, i am able to meet new girls, and have absolutly no hang-ups. I belive it is partly because of NoFap. Thank you for making my life better. My code 300563