My self sabotage

Oh crap failed again. Not getting past the 10 day mark at the moment and I easily could have done.
What’s wrong with me? Why aren’t I motivated? Failing was a deliberate decision on my part but why? Now I feel numb again and demotivated I should be on the dating apps but I feel incredibly half hearted about it. What have I done to myself and what am I doing to myself? It’s such a pointless waste of energy even if it’s 20 minutes or 5 minutes it’s still a pointless exercise and a waste of energy.
Actually I do know why it was frustration over a girl I liked which sounds pathetic and now well it’s like shooting yourself in the foot when your other foot is lame.

Thank God for this app.
I’m managing this problem but I’m not conquering it…


You will achieve your goals.
Do not be sad.
You will win, my friend.


@Rebooter81 I’m am not really eligible to give you any advice as I am beginner too but still I wanna say something. Most people fail in their rewire because they keep thinking about it. They keep saying in there mind not to watch porn which never let’s them forget about it. The best way for this problem is to distract yourself, do something really interesting, watch your favourite tv series, play a game, watch movies anything that can make you stop thinking about nofap and porn. Give time to studies and work too but it is quite uninteresting sometimes :joy:.

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