My Road to Ultimate Freedom

It is real great.
I have never achieved this milestone for the last 12 years.

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I thank God to bless me to complete 100 days without masturbation.
But in those days i watched porn in one day.

So now apart from 102 days on going nofap streak.
I want to start a new challenge specifically for no porn and any erotic contents in searching or seeing on social media or movies. If i search i’ll be relapsed and if i happen to see in movies or social media if i dont skip them i’ll be relapsed as well plus no orgasm even without porn.
This challenge is started after completing 100 nofap days.

So now
102 days nofap
2 days no PO (porn,orgasm)

I wish myself all the best.

NB; BUT whenever i get chances to have SEX, i do it as usual, it is exceptional in these challenge