My Road to Ultimate Freedom

All the best my brother.


You too as well bro…


So in 3 days, Inshaallah i will be completed this challenge of Ramadan free from Fap,
This is just a bonus that i made it to have no porn as well. I never searched porn in either devices exception of those i encountered with when watching movies and half naked girls on social networks. but i think i defeated them since they did not made me fap.

In those 3 days also i will cross 90 days streak which i never did in 10 years of addiction.
But my huge dream is to reach 100 days, there is when i will celebrate.

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One more thing to be open about.
During my streak, i did have sex, it was 3 different days actually. though i was not so much great since i am severely affected by fapping.
After reaching 100 days my target is to make sure to have sex at least once in a month.
I want to try to change my mindset from fap to real sex as a means of satisfying urges.
That is why our leaders here, kept on advising us to mary. It is real helpful since its hard to keep on resisting the urges day in, day out without having a woman.

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Are you married dude nice Masha Allah

no, im not, though iam looking forward to.
And i dont live with a woman as well.

Means adultery in the month of Ramadan, Astagfirullah

Allah doesn’t exist is a devil’s creation.

No man, i cant do that.
I meant i had sex in 3 times in the total of 88 days streak. the last sex i had was a week before the starting of ramadan, even that porn which i said i watched once in the total streak, it was about 2 weeks before ramadan.
So when ramadan came, i stopped myself from the following;
•and ( chips,chicken,eggs,soda and carbonated soft drinks).

Even though in general, we have to mary so as to avoid adultery all the time whether in ramadan or not.

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Keep going dude! :smiley: Insha allah you ll make it

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90 days without Fapping.
And with one day porn out of 90.
Iam very happy for me.
My dream target is 100 days.

Guys i did it.
I Completed 30 days of ramadan month without masturbation or searching porn in any phone & pc for the first time ever in the last 10 years.
ALHAMDULILLAH :pray::pray::pray:


Eid mubarak dude :tada::tada::tada:

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Minal faaidhiin.
Same to you bro.

So now as long as we already done with Ramadan so let me comeback to usual streak.
my Current streak is on 93 days. It is the longest in the last 12 years, dont be surprised its 12 years indeed. Im a chronic masturbater hope i will be a freeman oneday.

So i have a little weird idea that when i reach 100 days. I wanna try to live without the idea that im in a NOFAP but i will try the no pmo rules to be with me wherever i am.

This is What i try to always be in my mind.
I already understood my biggest weakness.

Which is PORN, because when i fapped i always used porn, even if it happened i failed to get porn i used to create porn immagination in mind particularly the previous porn scenes i have seen few days back.

So now my huge ambition is to not watch porn no matter what, its hard but i keep trying and fighting.
In the last 95 days i watched porn in one day,
I think iam improving.

But still my problem is that i enjoy sex scenes when i accidently met them on movies after that though i just leave them on movies i dont fap or search the real porn on phone as i used to do few months ago.

But this behaviour of enjoying sex scenes on movies i think it may endanger my streak sooner or later so now i plan to try my level best to skip these scenes whenever i see them on movies.

As well as to skip looking the half naked instagram models. I am a social network addict as well but thank God my facebook and whatsapp are clean i unfollowed all tempting people, pages and groups. So these application are safe In my phone.

The other social network app i use is instagram, and i use it the most but it is the most tempting, even though i unfollowed all tempting pages but this app tend to bring them when i click on the :mag_right: icon. So i think i have to try to reduce the use of this app though is hard for me this is the social network i use the most.j

In this streak i have been too bad in terms of exercise, because iam too busy and lazy at the same time. I need to do something about it.
Since exercise is very important in the recovery of my sexual energy.

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Masha Allah bro you hit a ton. How’s your feeling