My Relapse Story

Ok so I would like to share something with all of you and I am currently having a zero day streak as I reset the timer just half an hour ago so this is what happened

I started nofap on 1st December and I was on an 9 days streak, that is a big deal for me… whatever normally happens also happened with me, that is, I was having very very low energy throughout the day yesterday And I was having so many urges throughout the week but the problem with those urges was that I actually peeked on some images on Google some time or the other and still my counter was going on I did not ejaculate a single time but the problem was that I could not control and I was having a dopamine rush so I was feeling very bad for that. also this morning I woke up early very very early that is 5 a.m. in the morning to study and work hard for my goals but when I started studying in half an hour I had big urge so I started peeking on internet images as usual I even read a few porn comics and suddenly I touched my penis and just stroked it a few times (one or two times). Then thank god I came back to my senses I realised what I was doing I opened this rewire companion app and started watching motivational images and people’s story on how they got here and all that motivational stuff then I finally did not ejaculate and controlled myself in some way I thank god for bringing me back to my senses really I am very happy that I did not ejaculate but I reset my counter because I thought… the whole week I used to peak on some image or the other and I used to get the small dopamine rush which is actually bad for nofap and if I do like this then it will get me to nowhere so I just reset my counter today and I hope that now when I begin my journey it will be free of all those peeks and edging of course…

You might argue that I did not ejaculate so it must not count as a relapse but for me it was more than a relaps because I was feeling so so much guilty for what I did.

So that is it guys and I am sorry for the bad grammar and punctuation because I am using Google voice type so that is pretty normal you know. :sweat_smile:

Thank you for reading till the end :slight_smile:


Good luck bro :muscle:

You can uninstall all the unnecessary apps where you used to peek, also you can limit urges that way. Start some new routines that are good.

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