My relapse confession

I have relapsed. It happened at 11:00 pm yesterday 23 of june. It was 60 days without P, and now I feel I have made a huge step back on my recovery.

The truth is that the relapse happened yesterday, but it started to be more imminent the former days. I have to confess my mistakes, I could have done it better.

So 21 of june I had an unvoluntary relapse. My hand appeared grabbing my friendo after a wet dream. I decided to reset my counter. That type of behaviour is not acceptable and as I did 40 days ago (when it first happened to me) I took it as an MO relapse. I wasn’t feeling like all my progress went away. Yes, the semen retention benefits disappeared, but my no P progress was still.

But when it happened to me 40 days ago, it was different. It was different because I was taking seriously my reboot and doing what I needed to. This time I don’t. I stopped studying reboot articles, I started playing more and more videogames, I started fantasizing more and more, I started being more and more lazy. I thought I could fight the urges the next time they knocked at my door. I thought I could fight them only with my willpower, I didn’t take as seriously as it needs to be.

So to sum up, what led me to a relapse:
-Not taking it seriously
-No studying reboot articles
-Excesive gaming
-Being wake up late
-Lazynes, not being busy
-Stopped writing my journal

This is what stopped my reboot, and what I have to work on. But not all is that bad. I learned more with thus relapse, now I feel even more determined to do what I have to.


I would say, you should continue writing your Journal, stop gaming if you can (or limit the use very much) and the order back once you possesed bro @TheWindWaker. You are a strong man, from some of your personal messages I know that.
Discipline is very important in this nofap Journey. Images of old porn that we’ve watched will come to our mind naturally but if we are disciplined nothing can conquer us. Meditation is very important to gain control of you mind. This I tell you from my experience.
Start working out hard. We are all with you man. Greatness is must !!!