My questions and problems

Hey brothers, I have 2 questions …
I have been in the spiral of relapses for a month and I cannot break it (today I have relapsed 5 times).
When the thought of xxx comes to my mind, I can’t overcome it and I give up. How do I get out of it?
Second problem:
At night, when I close my eyes, xxx scenes pop up in my mind and take control (I can’t focus on anything else)
(Probably due to fap to fantasy)
Can I somehow get rid of it?

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hey ya great that u share!!

my perosnal advice in these circumstances:
you need a change of scenery or an interruptioon of the pattern. maybe visit some friends and ahve asleep over some circumstances where you would not usually PMO.
also FYI check out the chaser effect it explains how one wnats to keep to PMO after PMO and that it piles up especialy when relapsing.

so yeah if that change of scenery thing is not avalible i would recomned talking to someone in person about it… usually additioanlly to the chaser effect it sound like you are under a lot of stress… otheriwse it would be definietly easier to quit!!! so search for a way to reduce the stress or to be seen by someone. so that you and possibly another person are aware of i am currently under stress and that you seek other measurtes to alleviate the stress this might reduce your urges :wink:

regarding the second topic it might be impacted by the 1st. again you ahve to udnerstand that images/fantasies are caused mainy by 2 things

  1. a trigger that remindes you of sexual behaviours turns you on and than leads to PMO
  2. a trigger that puts you under stress (e.g. boredom, fear, anxiety, performence pressure, conflict etc.etc.etc.)

otherwise you would not think of PMO because it simply is not relevant and your brain is ocupied with your current situation.

so when you write about having this type of thought when going to bed i would think that again, you are likely under to much stress or you need to develop new strategies to avoid PMO and the thought thereof.

additioanly i would strongly recomnd for you to

  1. read / listen to the easy peasy way to leanr more about a “more relaxed” method of quiting PMO
  2. pick up alternative behaviour instead of PMO that also satisfies you … that will be dificult in the begining but you could amke acomitment as in “i will do 2 pushup whenever an urge hits me” or “i will write down what triggered my urge as soon as an urge strikes” or “i turn on music and dance around instead of PMO” jsut some things trhat acutally work for me.

i wish you success with quiting PMO
you can do it!


thank you brother! I do not know how to thank you. I am your debtor, you can always write to me when you have trouble


no need to thank me mate :wink:

i am benefiting by giving you advice too xD :wink: and if it helps jus tle tme know that will be gratification enough XD

have fun breaking your streak of PMO


Do you really believe that
If so let the darkness that is porn consume you
Bro you are a human being not an animal you are the apex predator on the animal food chain
were am i goin with this.
Take a look at this

arent you inspired what do you want to do. what are your goals. Don’t tell me you just stay home all day and beat you MEATTTTTTT
Go out and take the world by that balls be the very best you can be bro
Transform you Worm
Transform and Spead your wings and Becoming not a butterfly but a fucking dragon
you have the power in you don’t suppress it
Its okay if you Failed 10 times 50 times today i dont care as long as you take your weak ass body and stand up and fight back.

Have you really given up that you close your eyes and let your enemy go all the way into your chambers
to fight you not on the battlefield but in your own bed.
imagine leting a killer into your own home and allow him to get into bed with you and let him have his way with you.
Start saying NO
Start fighting back
Pray send imagine bombs on the images do what you must
dont allow the enemy to take the stronghold that is you mind

Last but not least do you think the people in the video doing what they do have time to beat there meat


Thanks bro! ! I do not know how to thank you. I am your debtor, you can always write to me when you have trouble.


Bro thanks a lot… Seeing that video destroyed my urges… Thanks so so much brother. You are true inspiration and on fire right now… Never lose this mindset.


np bro sometimes our brain is good at making us think our situation is much worse than what it actually is. Just know you always have a way out. If you feel there is no other option there is always an option if not make one :joy:. (that’s what I’m learning right now gotta put it into action)


Wow, this is pure gold. Not joking. :ok_hand::fire::fire::fire:


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