My public journal (26M)

Been stuck in the house today because I lost my keys in the move into our new house. Really have some important stuff to do but can’t get to it until I can drive. That’s been the cause of most of my stress today and yesterday.

Failed NNN obviously as I’m on here looking for accountability friends and just reset my tracker.

Friend code is 29dty0 for anyone interested.


Hi, welcome! Sorry about that stressful situation you’re in and it’s understable that it led to a relapse. Hopefully things get better in the coming days and I (and potentially other members of the forum) will try to help with keeping you and ourselves on track.


Today’s journal update is better than yesterday’s. Found my keys and started getting the ball rolling on my list of stuff that needs done within the next few weeks. Urges are definitely there this morning but it is what you make it. I’ll try and spent extra time at the gym today

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Found out that something got messed up with my blood tests yesterday so now I have to go back and have more drawn. Oh boy. On my day two here in about an hour so still going on with that. Love the follow adds I’ve been getting from you guys who read this. Having that support group is really helpful.

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On day 3 now. Slowly building back and that’s good. Though I am feeling pretty groggy unfortunately. Maybe getting some breakfast will help. Don’t really have much planned to do today either and it’s getting cold and gross out. Maybe ill just study today and play some video games

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Hi there!
it’s 11 a.m when you wrote this, I just want to say that waking up early and eating breakfast early is quite important which explains:

Sleep early, enough, and wake up early. Do this and you will feel more energetic to accomplish many tasks throughout your day. And don’t forget that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Eat a balanced breakfast with healthy and energetic food. You will notice the difference after that.


Yeah I had stayed up too late last night, woke up when I did and it caused urges in the morning. Though it seems I have them every morning regardless. That could be a good thing I guess in a way. That way I know before I go to bed that I’ll have to deal with them in the morning

You see @ClownSalem (this might surprise you) I usually sleep at 8:30 p.m and wake up at 4:30 a.m then I get up and exercice, take a cold shower, lie on my back for a better back poster, pray, meditate and do self-affirmation, and visualisation. And I can tell you there was no such thing as “urges in the morning”

You won’t feel any urge as long as you get out of bed quickly and follow a healthy basic morning routine