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Hi everyone :hugs:

Haven’t been active here in a while. I thought I just share where I am.
Currently, I have the believe that there are causes for problems and that there are symptoms. Causes are that we don’t have the life our mind craves for (e.g. bad social life, bad habits, unhappiness in job, wrong work-life-balance…). This leads to certain symptoms (e.g. tiredness, nausea, procrastination, flight from life).

In my current believe, it doesn’t make sense to tackle a symptom but you should use your symptoms to figure out your problems. Symptoms are simply the way of your body and mind to alert you that there is an imbalance. But with the current lifestyle we have simply forgotten how to listen to these alerts and try to give in to the symptoms. This for example with excessive smartphone usage, Netflix, Porn etc.

At the moment, I spend roughly 2-3 hrs a day to sit down and write or meditate about my life. For example yesterday I wrote down all aspects of my life (e.g. Work, social life, personal fulfillment…) and to each of these points I wrote down what I like about my current style and what I don’t like. Now, I work on changing all bad thinking patterns and habits.

It is a very tedious work and it hurts a lot since you have to change your self-image and such. But I feel that there is a huge change in life quality approaching. Not only do I see that porn is not really needed in my life, it extends to lots of other areas like internet usage, social media, games and so on.

So far, I can really recommend that approach to everyone. It is no a fast 90-days struggle-and-than-you-are-free-of-porn but I think it is a strategy that really helps you to get a better life in general.

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Books that I can heavily recommend:

  • Digital minimalism by Cal Newport
  • Atomic habits by James Clear
  • Deep work by Cal Newport
  • Where ever you go, there you are by Jon Kabat Zinn
  • Don’t worry be grumpy byAjahn Brahm
  • Work by Thich Nhat Hanh

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