My Pmo story something i realised recently

sid C:
It all started in November. I was already suffering from depression. I really loved this girl. We never got into relationships. I was a beta. She had an alpha in her life. I couldn’t get anyway near her heart. For almost 7 years i tried to win her. This year. November 5th, i decided no more. She is just using me and playing with my emotions. I broke contact with her. It devastated me. For a month I rigorously pmoed. Up until jan a friend of mine helped me out. She encouraged me to take up things like singing and other stuff. For a month I got so busy, so occupied that I didn’t even forget about that girl, but also I actually forgot to pmo. I didn’t had any idea how many days i didn’t do it. It was almost a month or so. That was the longest time I didn’t pmoed. Things changed for me. I got pretty famous among girls. Its just I didn’t knew how to express myself and shit. But hey, I am learning still. My point is, occupy yourself in something. Develop a passion in something. It can be anything. Immense yourself in it. Thats the method I am going to use for my 30 day no fap challenge. But only this time. I’ll consciencely do it. Until it becomes a habit. You are welcome to experiment this with me. I hope this’ll help you.