My pen*s hurt so much

i’m day 6 what is this, it’s aching so much help

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Visit urologist and get it checked sooner.

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Happened with me too, prolly on day 8 or 9. It was so much painful idk what actually caused it but I remember it didn’t stayed much longer, just a couple of hours. I thought i didn’t hydrated myself enough. I drank bottles of water but it was still there but afterwards it was gone and it never happened again .

I had the same problem,(but I am not sure about you). Then i found that there is a white material (idk the actual biological term) stucked under the foreskin of pe*is. I removed this material very carefully and i am feeling much better.
Then i googled it and found suggestions regarding this issue.

I’m a student in pharmacy so I might be able to help…
Tell me, is the skin red and painful…
Does it feel hot?
Of yes the you might need an anti inflammatory cream or ointment (look up “Biafine” or “cream-o-sulfa”)
If you are uncircumsized do you clean under the foreskin properly?
If not then make a habit of cleaning every part of your penia correctly especially under the foreakin to prevent any bacterial infections…
If you see some strange or gross stuff stuck in the foreskin then consult a doxtor immediatly…

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Where are you from…