My Nofap Strategy 101

Hey! I’m Gabriel Oak. I’ve been addicted to porn and masturbation for the last 16 years. I’m 25 BTW. I’m trying to get rid of this, but over the years, I have had only one result so far–Disappointment. I cannot remember the last time I was ‘clean’ for a week. I’ve had umpteen 2s, 3s and sometimes even 4s along the process but never a week. Therefore, I have decided to call it quit.
Instead, I have decided to focus on the number of ‘clean’ days I can get in a month. This strategy is explained below:

Let’s take the month of March 2018. It has 31 days. My aim would be to get as many clean days as possible and always try to improve w.r.t to the previous month. Suppose I got 27 clean days in the month of March with a streak of 5 days every time i.e, I relapsed at every 5th day. Now looking at it from a streak point of view will be a myopic view and this will be judged as a poor performance but looking the whole picture will show that I had 27 clean days out of the total 31 days. This is 87% of the month and looks very successful from any standards.
If I get 28 days next month, it is an improvement. I agree I will never be in the Hall of Fame of achievers with streaks of 90+ days, but If I keep on improving month after month, I surely believe, I will break this millstone round my neck.

I’m gonna reset after every five days even if I didn’t relapse. This combined with 30 minutes of Exercise and 10 minutes of meditation, I hope, will be the strategy that will improve my life.



That is a good strategy… Losers always find an excuse and winners always finds a way. All the best my friend.
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It seems like a good approach i could adopt as well. An extremely helpful post here. Thank you for sharing. I’m pretty sure you’ll get to those long streaks eventually with this method. I like how u think of an alternative method on achieveing the goal of staying clean. :grinning:


I loved this post man u made my day

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Thanks man for sharing

I think it is also a very good approach for the time when you get really long streaks.

I had the problem that I once had something like a 40-50 days streak. But then I relapsed. What happens then? You know that you will need another 2 months to get at least to the same point as you were. Imagine you relapse after 100 days. I would never get the motivation to start the 100days challenge again from zero.

Thanks to your strategy I figured out that I relapsed only about 6 times during the last 4 months. So, I was clean for 114 days out of 120. Which sounds absolutely amazing.
This helps to show that no the whole progress is lost after one relapse


I’m glad my post helped you guys.

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Thanking you Bhaii for encouraging us …great to see you … remember dying is better than fapping