My nofap diary( paying 1000 INR if I lose)

From yesterday I have started my next nofap journey with some other guys… and this time I will gift them 1000 INR if I lose to them.
This is the 2nd day… and to be honest this technique worked best for me. Being honest with myself the money barrier restricted me from any kind of sexual activity…
If anyone want to join me then drop your sharing code…
And tell me what is your thought about this technique… will I be able to hold more than previous?


Day 2 done successfully…
Problem- pant is wet with precum
And can’t sleep peacefully

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Resisting po** is also thinking about it.
Don’t think about it too much. Post only at a specific time

Day 3 passed successfully…
Feeling strong and happy

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Day 4 completed successfully… But I don’t know why everytime on day 4 or 5 I feel little pain in my balls… and it gets soften and sensitive

I am done with my day 5
But eventually I am facing problem from my boyfriend. As he desperately want to have sex with me I am not sure if having sex with him without ejaculation is relapsing or not. Can anyone suggest?

It depends on what you’re going for. If you’re in for the benefits of no orgasm, then yeah, but if you are just here to get over your porn and masterbation addiction, then sex is perfectly fine and doesn’t count as a relapse.

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