My No-Fap Journey

Hi everyone, my name Is Vicky. I have known no fap for sometime, tried someday but eventually ends up beating my meat after a day or two streak. But this time I am serious to hit 30 days mark. It’s been almost 4 days in the streak (longest for me).

Although, yesterday’s evening was bad, almost on the Verge of breaking the streak but remind myself why I started it in the first place, so somehow managed to refrain myself from beating my meat.

I want to start this diary for some accountability and sharing mu ups and downs in this journey with y’all good fellas.


It’s been a while since I last put my entry here, many things have changed. I took part in 249 days no-fap challenge but can go up to 7 days only. But I was not disheartened because of my relapse, that relapse gave me some deep insights into how our minds restrict the change that we nourished for years.

I also read the book “Your Brain on Porn”, tbh it was such an eye-opener. I started the no-fap journey with sheer anger and agitation (like most of us do), but eventually, after a few days of controlling the urge I found out that the emotional turbulence won’t motivate you for the long journey. Sooner or later the anger and agitation state subsides, and what left was a state of hopelessness and avoid, and that void we want to fill, and somehow if we don’t find anything good to fill that void, we started filling the void with Porn.

So, I realized that if I want to continue the journey for a long, I want to dig deeper, want to find out my WHY? because when nothing is left to take the support, your WHY is all that’s left, and the book really helped me to figure out my WHY.

I won’t state my WHY here, because my WHY might be different from others’ WHY, so I would suggest people start the journey by finding their WHY.

Also, I noticed sharting your thoughts with others also gives you a sense of acknowledgment, so it’s better to keep a journal (you can keep a private journal if you want to keep your deep secrets hidden, but keep it).

Although I’m not stating that I have conquered all my issues and now won’t relapse ever, I know my WHY, and this WHY motivates me to bounce back, every time I fall.


Write a to do list and every time you get urge,do something on the list

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